12Tx / 12Rx FireFly Z-RAY Module

12Tx / 12Rx FireFly Z-RAY Module
Brand: HiTech Global
Product Code: HTG-ZR-FF
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The HTG-ZR-FF provides access to 12Tx and 12Rx FireFly ports and should be used with HiTech Global's FPGA boards supporting the HTG-ZRAY bus. The HTG-ZRAY bus is optimized for the best performance and signal integrity and provides access to up to 16 high-speed serial transceivers of FPGAs used on carrier boards.

The ECUE Ribbon Coax Cable Features


- Performance up to 28 Gbps
- A large variety of end two connector termination options
- 50Ω 38AWG micro ribbon coax cable
- Capability to enable test and verification of connectors during manufacturing
- Lower-cost AcceleRate 100Ω 30 AWG twinax ribbon system for improved signal integrity and lower profile

The ECUO Active Optical Cable assembly features

- x12 unidirectional or bidirectional transceiver system
- 14 Gbps or 28 Gbps (in development) channel system
- Proven 850 nm VCSEL array technology
- Available in panel mount or full Tx-to-Rx active optical cable
- Protocol agnostic and support all data center and HPC protocols including Ethernet, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, PCIe


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