6-port (6x100G) FireFly FMC+ Module

6-port (6x100G) FireFly FMC+ Module
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This Vita57.4 compliant FMC+ module is supported by six  Samtec FireFly ports (6x100G) ports and one ultra-low-jitter programmable clock generator. The device registers and EEPROM settings of the clock generator are fully programmable in-system via I2C serial interface for easy generation of other industry standard or custom clocks. The I2C bus can be controlled either by host FPGAs or the on board PIC processor.

Each  FireFly port is directly connected to four multi-gigabit serial transceivers of  Vita 57.4 compliant  FPGA carrier boards.

The FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ is the first interconnect system that gives designers flexibility of using micro footprint optical and copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system.

The FireFly™ system enables chip-to-chip, board-to-board, on-board and system-to-system connectivity at data rates up to 28 Gbps . FireFly™ is based on a high performance interconnect system which allows the use of low-cost copper cables or high performance active optical engines.

Samtec copper, equalized copper, and optical cable systems provide the flexibility to achieve higher data rates and/or greater distance needs while simplifying board design and enhancing performance.


►x6 Samtec FireFly (6x100G) Connectors  (4 on the front and 2 on the back side of the module)
►x1 Silicon lab Si5341 programmable clock generator
►x1 PIC processor for I2C programming
►x1 FMC+ Connector


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